Often times hope is like currency. We budget how much of life’s circumstances we will spend it on. We spend it and give it, scrimp it and save it, but one day we meet a circumstance that requires our last two mites of hope. Then we feel the pennilessness of despair. We have come to our cross to bear.

Sometimes we need to spend our last two mites of faith in an old and insufficient system, mindset, or way of living in order to understand that God has a different set of currency. It is only then that we can hear the call, “Silver and Gold I have none, but what I do have I give freely. In the name of Jesus stand and walk.”

Hope is not a feeling, but is one step beyond despair, in faith, through the Cross to a Resurrection. This is the only way to experience the cross, not as the destination, but as the WAY to rebirth into a new way of being in this world. To practice resurrection.