I’ve often disguised my fear as faith. I often say things like, “I am waiting on God.” or “I have faith that one day God will…” Waiting on God is a good thing, even a necessary thing, but it is never passive. There is always something to cultivate.

God has given me everything that I need to become the kind of person He created me to be. All the raw material exists within my soul, already. It is up to me to partner with God’s Indwelling Spirit and find the freedom that only a disciplined life will give.

When life goes passive because we are waiting for God to do something, it is often because we have the FEAR to ACT, to step up, to show up, and do the daily disciplines that cultivate a readiness to receive from God.

I have found that if you create space for God with daily disciplined routine, you will find that He has already shown up and has been waiting for your action to partner with His.