Your soul is immensely creative by nature. And it desires freedom to express this creativity in a way that adds value and meaning to your life and consequently those within your sphere. When you are healthy, your sphere becomes more healthy. This is freedom, and we all benefit from it. We need your soul to express its creativity. Freedom is about BECOMING.

To be pacified is similar to a baby who desires food, but is handed a pacifier instead. It mimics the act of eating and that brings momentary comfort, but not sustenance. When we confuse pacification with freedom, however, we learn to silence our creativity in exchange for a product, a toy, an experience, a high, a buzz, a success, an award, recognition etc… Unused creativity sours into anger, bitterness, grief, addiction, guilt, and shame. Pacification is about CONSUMPTION.

Pacification is often confused for freedom because it momentarily silences the angst inside us. We desire freedom, but often settle for pacified. Today, see if you can find space to get quiet inside and hear your soul’s cry for freedom. Then come bless us with your becoming. Courageously be “you” in front of us and inspire us to to find freedom too.