“The one you love is sick, Jesus.”

A Deist is one who believes that God made everything, set everything into motion, and went out to lunch leaving this machine we call the world unattended. Theologically I am not a deist, but often times I act like one.

There seems to be a constant court case going on inside my head and heart. Is God good? Will God provide? Will God show up? In John 11, Lazarus has died because Jesus procrastinated, mourners gather to mourn not only the passing of their friend, but, it would seem, the death of their trust in God as well.

So Jesus says some interesting words in his prayer, “Thank you for hearing me, Father. You always hear me, but I say it out loud for the sake of those listening so they will believe.” There is room in God’s grace for my lack of faith during times of waiting. Sometimes God says or does something “out loud” for my sake so I will believe He is still active, present, invested, and concerned with where things are going in my life.