Your soul has a voice and it calls out to you “This is who I am.” Your soul wants to be heard. What does God want me to do? Listen to your soul. Come into contact with your soul. Live in harmony with what you hear spoken. That is all the authority you will ever need, for God inhabits that place.

So before you go get whatever training you think will equip you to finally be able to contribute, know this: You already have something worth contributing to us. Training might bring you into contact with it quicker, clarify what it is, help you say it better, etc… but it won’t place a voice in you. You already have that.

Today I pray that you come into contact with the gift of your own integrity. Not an ability to adhere to morals, but a knowledge of the contours of your inner life made evident in the way you live your outer life. That is the greatest gift you can give to all of us. That is God’s will for your life, and all creation waits for the revelation of THAT son/daughter of God.