The greatest gift you can give to humankind is the gift of seeing your own beauty. You become a saint for no other reason. For if you are not convinced of your own beauty, you will not be able to show others theirs, you will be in competition with them. Why else do we vie for the attention and validation from everyone we meet? We re-center conversations on us and create dueling monologues.

But if you take the journey inward and find the immense beauty of your own soul in the presence of God who dwells there, you don’t come back to flaunt it. You show others how to take the kind of journey you took. This is how we reclaim our broken humanity, by becoming humble through the journey of reclamation, no longer in need to prove anything, or earn something, or be validated.

For if you have something to prove or something to earn you will be in competition with everyone else playing that game. But if you have reclaimed your identity in God you have found the treasure worth selling the rest of your life for. Think of a world where everyone has sold off the world to gain the treasure, no one would be in competition for anything.

But as long as you feel the need to justify yourself, defend your intentions, and acquire the power to do these well you will be at war with yourself, but aimed at those around you. When you are blind to your own demons you will fight them everywhere else, and this Armageddon never ends. For you are fighting in a hall of mirrors, and smashing the reflection never defeats the source.