Ideology is what I think I believe. It triggers an immediate emotional reaction within me, and so, disguises itself as belief. Ideology is often another way that fear disguises itself as faith. We become zealous, and say all the “right” things against all the “wrong” people. But I can be correct and wrong at the same time. I can claim all the correct ideology and still have an untouched heart.

But I don’t believe my ideology on a deep enough level for it to heal me, just get me worked up and angry. Ideology is not bad or wrong in itself, but when ideology is confused with theology it is dangerous and harmful. Ideology can distort theology into a weapon.

Theology, however, is something that changes me. It is an encounter with the risen and alive Jesus. It produces a belief at the core of me that has healed and altered, not only WHAT I see, but HOW I see altogether. Then it ignites a flame within me to bring the healing I have experienced out into the world.