“Lord, the one you love is very sick.”

Jesus has healed the nameless blind and lame, fed the faceless multitudes, provided wine for a stranger’s wedding. No one in the previous miracles have a name. Certainly the sickness of “the one you love” will get the attention of Jesus. Lazarus died. Jesus shows up four days late.

“Your brother will rise again,” Jesus comforts with what appears to be religious cliches. Martha replies, “Yes, along with everyone else.” A polite way of saying, “Yes, I already know and believe that … But if you had been here …” I thought you loved him, Jesus.

Then “Jesus wept.” He is moved deeply in his heart. The love Jesus has for his friend is on display. The anger Jesus has toward death strikes him to his core. “LAZARUS, Come out.” Jesus calls the one he loves by name. The first time a miracle has a name. And he walks out of his tomb.