As a person, it is better to be whole than moral. This might seem counter intuitive if you have grown up in a religious context that kept a close track of your behavior. But as I found out, morality is too low of a mark to aim for, because we can hit it on our own. Morality can become one of our fake selves used to impress the religious.

If we divide up ourselves among our many tasks, responsibilities, and obligations, and pretend that small division is our whole, that division might ask some other parts of us to sellout part of its integrity in order to get a task done. When we live in direct contradiction to our self, we are not whole. Our many divisions become a fake selves and our presence is greatly diminished.

But wholeness is different. It involves integrity and unity of out inside and outside life. Soren Keirkagaard said that purity of heart is to will one thing. Wholeness is to align and aim all of our existence toward ONE THING. For Mother Teresa it was serving the poor, for Dietrich Bonhoeffer it was a community of justice, for Thomas Merton it was contemplation in action. If we recollect our distracted existence into a unified whole, then we bring a great flame to whatever lies before us. Even becoming moral.