The great Rabbi, John the Baptist and two of his disciples are found standing in John 1. John had taken these two disciples thus far, to where they now stand. 2017 might have been a good year for you, it might have not been so great. But it brought you to where you now stand. What is the next thing?

John declares, “Look, there is the Lamb of God!” Movement happens in these two disciples, and they start following Jesus. The new year is making a declaration as well, “There is Jesus.” He is not stationary, but on the move. Will you go and follow?

“What do you want?” Jesus asks them. “Rabbi, where do you stay?” It is as if they are asking, “Where is the next stationary place? Where do you want us to stand?” But Jesus invites them into movement, “Come and see.” And they follow.

Jesus asks you at the brink of the new year, “What do you want?” One year from now, where you stand will largely be determined by how you answer this question. So answer it honestly and hear Jesus’ invitation of movement, “Come and see what 2019 holds.” What got you here, may not get you there.