Much of my early religion taught me to distrust my own soul and to place my “trust” onto exterior authorities: the Bible, Doctrinal statements, denominations, leaders, etc… God was to be experienced through logic and never contaminated with imagination or emotion.

I believed that these purely logical authorities were free from the contamination of my own fallen desires, emotions, and actions. I distrusted my own soul. I didn’t know who I was. My experience of God was second hand, filtered safely through my mind, and confirmed by outside sources.

It is a subtle way that fear disguises itself as faith.

The soul, however, is our inner authority in direct contact with the Indwelling Spirit of God. The soul has been breathed into and brought back to life and stands upon the foundation of God. I have not abandoned outer authority, I have learned what they are for. They are the cleared, well worn, proven pathways we use to come into transforming contact with our own soul, and our God, for they dwell in the same place now.