When the beauty of God is encountered within the beauty of the soul, it makes you come Alive. But we need help. Often times I cannot see my own heart clearly because it is bound to my limited vision, distorted by shame or guilt. I am too afraid to look.

As my friend Dan Marsalese helped me see on Sunday, the title Son of God comes from Daniel 4, the fourth man walking unbound in the flames of Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace. Not only did he protect the three tossed in for refusing to worship the statue, he unbound them as well. In John 11 Jesus claims this title and shows us that he protects and preserves Lazarus through the furnace of death and calls him back out. Unbind him and let him go he demands.

It is the job of the community to Unbind and set free. I’m thankful for those in my life that have unbound me from my limited vision and helped me see my heart as God sees it, so I can respond to his call, “Lazarus come out!” Who can you unbind today? Help someone see themselves in a different light. And let me Unbind you, for your soul is glorious, and God fiercely loves you.