“Although Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, he stayed where he was for two days and did not go to them.” -John 11:6

On the surface, God procrastinates and Lazarus dies. Not the best PR move. The whole town is wondering why Jesus who could heal the blind would not intervene on behalf of those he loved. Mary and Martha doubt Jesus love and feel like strangers in Jesus presence. It’s all awkward.

Spoiler: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. But for four days despair overwhelms them all. Times like these surface our stifled doubts and discontent, which we usually can easily ignore with comforts and entertainment. But it is when we come to the brink of this despair that we can really experience a hope grounded in God, because there is nothing else left for us.

“The work of Grace is going on in you through the whole business of living, to hollow you out, to make you able to receive God.” -Maria Boulding