In order to become all things to all people to win some does not mean that we become well versed in wearing multiple masks to please a multiplicity of people. We are not meant to divide up our soul and portion it out as other souls demand pieces. This is impossible for we are finite people. And it is the worst kind of slavery for it is disguised behind the mask of good intensions. In order to become all things, we must first find freedom that John the Baptist spoke of when he said, “I must become less so that God can become more.”

To become less is not to diminish your substance so that God’s light can take its place, but to be a recollected presence of singular intensity that God shines brilliantly from within. The task of the spiritual life is to bring back into one place our distracted existence, our people pleasing ways, and disordered desires into a singular love in which all other loves find their proper and ordered place. We are free when we release our duplicity, consolidate our soul into one Love, and integrate all of life in a singular direction from that point.