Tom is a husband, father, pastor, author, and founder of Liminal Living. He is dedicated to helping people identify their values and vocation, and craft a vision supported by habits of vitality. Tom believes that it is essential to the rest of the world that you lead from your true self. That is the only thing which can bring transformation and healing into our lives.

Tom has 20 years of leadership experience. He has built ministries from the ground up. He has rebuilt churches that have fallen apart. He has partnered with church plants to think outside of the box. He has mentored and coached pastors and leaders in system development, strategic planning, and vision casting.

  • He holds both a Doctorate and a Master’s in Spiritual Formation and Leadership.
  • He is trained both as a Spiritual Director and a Leadership Coach
  • He is an experienced and trained Intentional Interim Pastor
  • He is an experienced pastor.
  • He is an agented author and a speaker.

And he believes that a soul fully alive is the key to transforming and healing our world.