Free or Pacified?

Your soul is immensely creative by nature. And it desires freedom to express this creativity in a way that adds value and meaning to your life and consequently those within your sphere. When you are healthy, your sphere becomes more healthy. This is freedom, and we all benefit from it. We need your soul to express its creativity. Freedom is about BECOMING.

To be pacified is similar to a baby who desires food, but is handed a pacifier instead. It mimics the act of eating and that brings momentary comfort, but not sustenance. When we confuse pacification with freedom, however, we learn to silence our creativity in exchange for a product, a toy, an experience, a high, a buzz, a success, an award, recognition etc… Unused creativity sours into anger, bitterness, grief, addiction, guilt, and shame. Pacification is about CONSUMPTION.

Pacification is often confused for freedom because it momentarily silences the angst inside us. We desire freedom, but often settle for pacified. Today, see if you can find space to get quiet inside and hear your soul’s cry for freedom. Then come bless us with your becoming. Courageously be “you” in front of us and inspire us to to find freedom too.

God’s Will

Your soul has a voice and it calls out to you “This is who I am.” Your soul wants to be heard. What does God want me to do? Listen to your soul. Come into contact with your soul. Live in harmony with what you hear spoken. That is all the authority you will ever need, for God inhabits that place.

So before you go get whatever training you think will equip you to finally be able to contribute, know this: You already have something worth contributing to us. Training might bring you into contact with it quicker, clarify what it is, help you say it better, etc… but it won’t place a voice in you. You already have that.

Today I pray that you come into contact with the gift of your own integrity. Not an ability to adhere to morals, but a knowledge of the contours of your inner life made evident in the way you live your outer life. That is the greatest gift you can give to all of us. That is God’s will for your life, and all creation waits for the revelation of THAT son/daughter of God.

Ideology or Theology

Ideology is what I think I believe. It triggers an immediate emotional reaction within me, and so, disguises itself as belief. Ideology is often another way that fear disguises itself as faith. We become zealous, and say all the “right” things against all the “wrong” people. But I can be correct and wrong at the same time. I can claim all the correct ideology and still have an untouched heart.

But I don’t believe my ideology on a deep enough level for it to heal me, just get me worked up and angry. Ideology is not bad or wrong in itself, but when ideology is confused with theology it is dangerous and harmful. Ideology can distort theology into a weapon.

Theology, however, is something that changes me. It is an encounter with the risen and alive Jesus. It produces a belief at the core of me that has healed and altered, not only WHAT I see, but HOW I see altogether. Then it ignites a flame within me to bring the healing I have experienced out into the world.


Sometimes you have to journey the path of the skeptic, sometimes feel like you’ve lost your faith altogether, in order to find what is true about you.

This stripping away is not really a loss of anything real, but the facade. It often feels like death or tremendous loss. Sometimes it feels freeing. Usually it is a mixture.

The paradox of the grace and mercy of God is that it requires us to see our deepest and darkest brokenness. Now the reality of who you are can meet with the reality of who God is. For when grace touches a soul this deeply they become more real.

Freedom or Indulgence

Grace is not an enabler of weakness. Early in my life, indulgence hijacked freedom’s definition for itself, and convinced me I was on the road to freedom, all while shackled to weakness. Freedom, however, is self-mastery. Freedom is a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual fortitude that enables us to effectively live the life we were meant to. 1 Cor. 6:12 says, “I have a right to do anything, but I will not be mastered by anything.” A picture of freedom.

But as Richard Rohr said, to convince someone enslaved that they are free is difficult, but to convince someone who thinks they are free that they are actually enslaved is even tougher. Often times is takes suffering to wake us up. But it doesn’t have to.

The paradox of freedom is that the way to it is the hard road of self-mastery and discipline. The amount of slavery or freedom we experience is based upon which of the two roads we choose to walk… every day.

Prayer and Love

I often overlook how very present love is because I expect love to show up in a different way. Sitting with my coffee in the quiet morning stills my soul enough to see it. Then the rest of my day consists in remembering what I saw and living into what is real.

I’m learning this is the bulk of what prayer is.


The truth is, we are all changing, we are all becoming something different than we currently are. The journey of life makes that inevitable.

A few questions about my primary motivations I am pondering this morning. 
1. Who am I changing for? People or God
2. What am I changing for? Wholeness or success
3. Why am I changing? Conviction or Causes
4. How am I changing? The Spirit or the Flesh
5. Where will my change lead? Home or a Distant Land

Since change is inevitable, it’s good to remind myself to not mix up a positive side effect of change with the end goal and motivator of change.