Liminal Living

Vocation | Values | Vision | Vitality


We focus on defining your true self by identifying your unique vocation and core values.

Vocation: What is your WHY? Your unique role in life? You discover a specific one sentence Vocational calling… WHY are you here? Living from a clear WHY is like having a GPS unit for your soul. It provides passion, motivation, joy, fulfillment, and clarity. This already exists within you. When you discover your WHY, you have discovered a gift that God placed in your soul, a gift that is for the transformation and healing of the world.

example: I inspire people to journey inward so their outward journey is authentic and effective.

Values: HOW do you fulfill your WHY? Values are verbs describing the gifts you bring to the table. Your HOW consists of 3-5 core values that align with, and assist, your WHY into existence? You discover 3-5 concrete values that drive your WHY forward.

Each HOW has a role: verb, focus, and audience. When you know your HOWs, you know what kind of actions are true to your own soul. This brings clarity and confidence in life to know the roles you are equipped to engage in.


  • Author: I write resources for Christians about the intersections of theology and life.
  • Pastor: I accompany people on the road back to Jesus
  • Teacher: I teach the spiritually hungry wider perspectives of scripture
  • Leader: I use strategic planning to inspire movement in people and organizations


We also focus on crafting a vision supported by vitality building habits:

Vision: When you have a WHY and HOW established, it is time to address a WHAT. In this phase you we run a diagnostic of your church context.

  • What are its strengths and weaknesses
  • Areas of heath and disease
  • Past successes and failures
  • Hopes and Dreams
  • Potential for Kingdom Influence in your community.

Together we construct a plan to integrate your True Self into your church’s potential with a descriptive, detailed, reverse engineered Vision. I guide you as you guide your church through writing out a strategic plan with clear goals and steps to reach those goals. You come alive again, and you watch your church come alive again. The glory days are no longer in the past, but at our finger tips.

Vitality: You no longer live at the expense of the future “you” but invest resources you’ll need later on. We discover and develop Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Habits that will support your vision with the health and energy needed to activate and integrate it fully. What are the Spiritual Disciplines that will cultivate a healthy soul? What are the Instructive Resources that will cultivate a sharp mind? What are the Physical Habits that will cultivate a strong body? 

It’s Time…

I believe in you. I believe you already have what it takes to do this and I will help you rediscover your true self and integrate it into your life with a plan. 

I want you to be integrated, because the rest of us need you to live your true self.

We need you to step up and seize hold of your life, with God.

We need you,

The real you.